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Papers in Scientific Journals
Conformation and local environment dependent conductance of DNA molecules
M. S. Xu, R. G. Endres, S. Tsukamoto, M. Kitamura, S. Ishida, Y. Arakawa
Small vol. 1, 12 (2005) pp.1168-1172.
Citations (downloads): 31/35
Conductance of single thiolated poly(GC)-poly(GC) DNA molecules
M. S. Xu, S. Tsukamoto, S. Ishida, M. Kitamura, Y. Arakawa, R. G. Endres, M. Shimoda
Appl. Phys. Lett. vol. 87 (2005) 083902. doi:10.1063/1.2032605
Citations (downloads): 47/63 (122)
Enhanced luminance efficiency of organic light-emitting diodes with two-dimensional photonic crystals
M. Kitamura, S. Iwamoto, Y. Arakawa
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys vol. 44 No. 4B (2005) pp.2844-2848.
Citations (downloads): 28/37 (247)
Presentations at International Conferences
Enhanced light emission of an organic semiconductor based two-dimensional photonic crystal with a nanocavity
M. Kitamura, S. Iwamoto, and Y. Arakawa
IQEC and CLEO-PR 2005, July 11-15, The Nippon Toshi Center Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan, CThE1-3
(Oral session)
Organic Semiconductor Based Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystal with a Single Defect
M. Kitamura, S. Iwamoto, and Y. Arakawa:
QLEO/QELS 2005, May 22-27, Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, CMEE3
(Oral session)
Light emission from Organic Photonic Crystals with Single Defects
M. Kitamura, S. Iwamoto, and Y. Arakawa
Int. Sym. on Quantum Dots and Photonic Crystals 2005 March 7 and 8, Toranomon Pastoral, Tokyo, Japan, P-44, abstracts p65
Presentations at Domestic Conferences
李 寧,加古 敏,北村雅季,岩本敏,荒川泰彦:
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