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Organic device fabrication system (ULVAC)

Sputtering Chamber
Pretreatment Chamber
Organic Chamber
Electrode Chamber
(from the left side)
RF magnetron sputtering system (home-built)

Gas: Ar, O2
Cathode: 3 inch
Target: InGaZnO, ITO, metals,...
Vacuum evaporator (1)

Main pump: TMP
Source materials: organic
Vacuum evaporator (2)

Main pump: DP
Source materials: metals
Vacuum evaporator (3)

Main pump: DP
Source materials: organic
Vacuum sublimation purification furnace (home-built)

Vacuum Plasma System

Gas: O2
Gas flow rate: ~200 ml/min
AC power: controlable
Mask aligner (Mikasa)

Resolution: ~2 micron
Lamp wavelength: broadband
(g, h, i-lines, 436, 405, 365 nm)
Glovebox system (mBRAUN)

Scanning electron microscope

Acceleration voltage: 2kV, 17 kV
Maximum magnification: 100k
Atomic force microscope (SII)

Parameter analyzer (Agilent)

Probing setup for current-voltage measurement

*Some equipments belong to Arakawa Labo., The University of Tokyo.